Brian Hoffman will be missed


As a member of the business community, I have been blessed to have worked closely with the outgoing Economic Development Director Brian Hoffman for the last two years.

Frankly, my business may not have been able to stand this turn into the economic wind without his support and advice.

Brian’s position has been a collaboration between the City of Sweet Home and Sweet Home Economic Development Group.

The collaboration was a wild success.

Sweet Home is gaining momentum on several projects put forth by Brian and the many teams he has assembled.

Brian has given selflessly of his time and that of his family to engage the community on behalf of SHEDG and the City of Sweet Home.

He has healed relationships long broken by simply beginning dialogue. He was instrumental in the ongoing success of the Chamber of Commerce.

He has a passion and vision for Sweet Home both as his home and the potential of a higher quality of life for residents and tourists alike.

The City and SHEDG are to be commended for providing our business core with such an amazing resource.

As Brian moves on in his career, I encourage all interested parties to do what it takes to continue the momentum on these projects and not allow them to die on the vine.

Let’s get creative with engaging the community to keep the rivers flowing so to speak.

Let’s have conversations around bringing in another such person with vision. If there is a financial need that must be met, can that burden be shifted more throughout the community?

Brian Hoffman, no one can take your place. You are you and you will be missed.

Those who have worked with you have “caught” your level of involvement and will work to carry your work forward.

Many blessings to you and your family.

Brandi Hawkins

Periwinkle Provisions

Sweet Home