British could offer lessons for Oregonians

Some folks are incredulous at rural Oregonians’ continuous defence of our right to bear arms.

Left-wing politicians in this state and across the country tell us they don’t want to take our firearms, that we need reasonable gun regulation – never mind that we already have it and no amount of legislation is ever going to solve the real problem – human frailty, environmental influences, sin, or whatever else we want to call it.

At least we actually have presidential candidates being honest when they tell us their buyback programs will be mandatory.

It’s the dishonesty of many more – though we recognize that some of these folks may be sincere – that’s the issue. They lie to us, assuage our concerns about their gun platforms and try to get us to vote for them over our own commitment to civil rights, including this right to bear arms.

Thus far, their progress has been slow. A few states have adopted stringent restrictions, but by and large, supporters of gun rights – which, we repeat, is a civil right – seem to hold their own.

They haven’t in other countries, where civil rights are not necessarily spelled out well or gun rights are not included.

Meanwhile, a lot of folks in the rest of the world shake their heads and even laugh at us because of our “gun culture.”

The United Kingdom is a well-known example.

Recently, we’ve been hearing reports about proposals there to regulate knives.

Last month, the Church of England Diocese of Rochester issued an open letter calling for a ban on pointed domestic kitchen knives.

Yes, you read that right.

The letter was signed by community leaders, members of Parliament and clergy.

“We urge them (the government) to take urgent measures to promote the sale of safe kitchen knife designs and restrict those designs which have been used in so many acts of violence,” the letter stated.

The proponents continue, stating that the only reason knives ever needed points was because forks hadn’t been invented. With the invention of the fork, these leaders say, we don’t need pointed knives any more. (As an aside, the fork was invented about 1,600 years ago.)

The letter cites a five-year study in Edinburgh that found that of sharp instruments used in homicides, 94 percent were kitchen knives. Additional research by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch showed that rounded knives had significantly less penetrative capabilities than pointed knives. While they can still cause slashing wounds, they are less likely to be life-threatening.

Well, no kidding.

And pointed knives are generally less useful than guns for murderers bent on penetrating human flesh and decreasing blood pressure to zero over zero.

The British can be thankful those aren’t readily available.

“The UK has worked for the public good by restricting handguns, paracetamol (acetaminpohen), smoking in public and plastic bags,” the letter declared. “Now it is time to say, ‘No bloody point.’”

That handgun ban has worked out well. Anti-gun crusaders managed to get rid of guns there and crime has….

Well, the homicide rate in London increased last year, prompting the mayor of London to crack down on knives when the city’s murder rate surpassed New York City’s, according to a report in the USA Today.

People find ways to do the bad things they want. It’s a characteristic of humanity. And short of complete tyranny, it cannot be stopped. And complete tyranny is a whole other can of worms, as any of the founders of our own nation could tell us.

That doesn’t matter to left-wing nannies.

“No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife,” tweeted Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London. “Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

That kind of talk should sound familiar. That’s why this matters here in Oregon, where we had our own round of terribly short-sighted gun policy proposals this year.

They say they don’t want our guns. But they do. They get one thing, they’re after the next. We’ve had background checks, and still violence happens. We’ve got red flag laws, and we still have violence – usually in violation of laws that already exist.

Then someone cries, “Do something.”

Slippery slope arguments are labeled by many as fallacies, but the evidence demonstrates a pretty slippery slope when it comes to our rights, particularly involving guns.

The UK is much further along on this slope. The anti-gun crowd got the citizens’ weapons, but still violence happens. What happened to protection?

Now they’re after cooking utensils. Tableware.

Oregonians, indeed, all Americans, need to pay attention. Our rural population started waking up during the last legislative session. This isn’t going to stop, and Britain’s a good example of what we mean by that.

We need to pull our heads out of the sand of our entertainment, the privileges of a booming economy, our preoccupation with posting photos of our own navels (figuratively speaking), and get caught up on what’s going on.

Otherwise, we could find ourselves shopping for some very nice, no-tip butcher knives.