Bruce West left true legacy


I have struggled over the last couple of months with being able to explain the disappointment I feel in regards to how our youth are treated as people and athletes.

The May 26th article in the Albany D-H brought it all into perspective for me. “Longtime coach leaves a legacy.”

I don’t know anyone that personally knew Coach Bruce West that doesn’t remember him with great respect. The article quotes friends and fellow coaches describing him as a man that had a way with kids, he was a one-of-a-kind guy. He was a guy who did his job and did it well, he was trusted and coaches had confidence in him.

But to me it was the final quote that sums it all up “He had a heart for kids, he had a heart for people.”

So this is what it boils down to – as a parent that was taught and mentored by him and many other people that had the above qualities – I have high expectations of what Sweet Home’s youth receive from their coaches and teachers, as should every parent.

What I have been feeling is disappointment. If the motive for coaching or teaching is not from the heart, if you are not there for the kids – you are not leaving your legacy and it shows.

Kim Seiber

Sweet Home