Camp Attitude moving into outdoor schedule

Lebanon High School students helped spruce up Camp Attitude so it could open for business last week for an outdoor school for 230 sixth-graders from Talmadge and Perrydale middle schools by the Polk Soil and Water Conservation District.

A pair of churches have camp events scheduled in June followed by a schedule of five free camps for disabled children beginning in July.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry will round out the schedule this year with winter classes.

The outdoor school provided a variety of activities, including fishing, building outdoor shelters and testing water quality.

The camp has a number of upgrades this year, including heated water and toilets in its six-cabin complex, said Frank Knapp, camp host and security. Electricity has been provided to the yurts.

Camp Attitude will host about 250 people, including volunteers and helpers for 20 to 30 disabled children at its first camp, for children with brittle bone disease.

It gives them an opportunity to camp, with many activities, from horseback riding to boating and fishing, Knapp said. At least one camp this year will include hot air balloon rides.