Cap-and-Trade bill a Californiazation


Wake up, people!

This Cap-and-Trade house bill is nothing but another Spotted Owl lie to stop any of the rural areas from living the way they are accustomed.

Salem and its political animals managed to kill the logging industry as we knew it, and now it’s time to kill trucking. These people will not stop intruding in the lives of the citizens outside of Portland until they have stepped on all of us and made us to rely upon them to live!

I was appalled this morning to see a state representative actually reference California as an example of a state we should strive to be like. These wanna-be Californians need to move there and leave the rest of the state of Oregon alone.

These “elected officials” will not be happy until Oregon is nothing more than California North, with the taxes, drugs, illegal immigration, homeless population, and filth!

I currently avoid Portland as much as possible. I have even stopped going to the Waterfront Blues Festival because I don’t want to deal with the problems Portland has turned a blind eye to.

Do not let Salem get away with altering our lifestyle to feed their need to turn Oregon into California!

Steve Magnolia

Sweet Home