Cascadia fire station property


The new Cascadia fire station will be located on 1.75 acres near Triple T Studs, SHFAD president Don Hopkins reported last week.

Hopkins said the property is being donated by Cascade Timber Consulting representing the Hill timber interests.

“We had looked at three pieces of property,” Hopkins said. “The other properties are owned by the U.S. Forest Service and Lawrence Voigt.”

The CTC propert was selected in part because of its proximity to the mill which can provide several volunteers.

“The site is only 1.9 miles from the Cascadia Post Office,” Hopkins said. “It’s a nice flat parcel and it has a septic in place and a well, although the well has been filled in. It’s on a long straightaway which will be good for access for the trucks.”

The land deal has been approved on a handshake so formal processes will now begin including a survey and obtaining a conditional use permit from the county.

“We will probably built a fire station much like the one in Crawfordsville,” Hopkins said. “It will probably have two or three bays, a shower and toilet areas so the volunteers can clean up after a fire. One of the bays can be used as a meeting room. The building will probably be about 40 X 60.”

Hopkins said the plan is to equip the station with a pumper unit and q quick response vehicle to start. Eventually an ambulance may be stationed at the site.

The Crawfordsville station was estimated to cost $100,000 but actual outlay was only $30,000 Hopkins said due to donations and volunteer labor.

The plan is to have the facility in operation within a year.

Currently nine volunteers were scheduled to begin training this week.