Cemetery figures don’t add up


The Sweet Home Cemetery District, along with director Harland Smith, has asked for an 8-cent-per-$1,000 tax to help for cemetery maintenance. For a $100,000 property that’s $8 per year added tax.

In these economic times, does he really think that people can afford that? Where does all the money go? He refuses to hold Sunday services and he charges overtime fees on Saturday.

If Saturday services were eliminated as Sunday services are, that’s a savings of $400 per week.

The New Era article stated that a funeral is $6,000 to $10,000, so people are opting for cremation.

I am looking at a price list as I write this letter. A basic traditional funeral package is $2,945 for a simple funeral, a big difference in prices from your quote and the funeral home’s. Based on the facts I’ve mentioned the numbers don’t add up. So what is the added tax really going for?

By the way, would it really be so bad to have people volunteer their time to take care of their loved one’s gravesites? Think of the money that could be saved. Also, no tax would be needed.

Royce Cantrell

Sweet Home