Census: SH population 8,925 in ’10

Sean C. Morgan


Sweet Home’s population has grown just over 10 percent in the past decade, according to recently released U.S. Census data for the city.

Census results, from data gathered in 2010, indicate that Sweet Home’s population was 8,925 in 2010, up from 8016 in 2000.

The Portland State Population Research Center independently estimated Sweet Home’s population at 9,070 in July 2010, the largest ever.

Portland State estimated Sweet Home’s population at 9,005 last fall.

PSU’s estimates are based largely on housing activity.

Building activity has remained low this year, although housing starts are slightly ahead of 2011, said Community Development Director Carol Lewis. Last year, the city had three new houses.

“It was horrible,” Lewis said. Through May, Sweet Home has had four.

“There’s certainly other stuff going on,” Lewis said, but this is the time of year when the city mostly sees remodeling projects. There has been some commercial activity, including remodeling at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Thriftway and Safeway, and the construction of a commercial building at 800 Long St.

Revenue will be up a little as a result, and property values have increased by $560,000 in the past two months, Lewis said.

“There’s not a lot going on, but we’re hoping it will get better.”

Other Census data show that Linn County had a population of 116,672 in 2010. The state had a population of 3.8 million.

Sweet Home had a total of 3,768 housing units, with 3,440 occupied, 2,125 by owners and 1,315 by renters.

The population in owner-occupied units was 5,459, while in renter-occupied units it was 3,393.

Sweet Home had 328 vacant units, with 118 for rent and 67 for sale.

The city had 4,425 males, and 4,500 females, with 2,293 individuals under the age of 18. A total of 1,158 households had individuals under 18 years old.

Sweet Home had 459 individuals ages 20 to 24; 1,030 between 25 and 34; 1,591 between 35 and 49; 1,834 between 50 and 64; and 1,494 65 and older.

Some 8,330 were listed as white, while the Census reported 23 African Americans, 72 Asians, 120 American Indians and Alaska natives, 12 native Hawaiians and Pacific islanders, 101 other and 267 identified as two or more ethnic or racial categories.