Central beats boys in soccer

The high school boys varsity soccer team lost 4-1 at Central, ranked second in the state, on Thursday.

“All the points came in the first half for both teams,” Coach Al Grove said. Central got behind the Huskies’ defense and scored its first three goals early in the early part of the half.

After that, the Huskies started playing, Grove said.

“We played with them the rest of the first half and the rest of the game, but the damage had already been done,” Grove said. The Huskies got behind the Central defense several times but weren’t able to get the ball into the goal.

“Isaiah Blake got an open shot from outside and crossed it to the top of the box,” Grove said.

Central got a few more shots off than the Huskies, Grove said. “They deserved to win. They beat us.”

The Huskies played good soccer for 60 minutes, Grove said. Playing that much, they should be able to do 80 minutes.

“The kids have to believe in themselves, have to believe they can do it,” he said.