Chamber caught up on IRS Form 990s

Sean C. Morgan

The Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce has gotten caught up on its delinquent Forms 990 and submitted them to the IRS in an attempt to have its tax-exempt status reinstated, according to chamber officials.

Executive Director Katrina Crabtree told The New Era that she has caught up on the forms, which nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations such as the chamber are required to file annually, to provide the government with basic financial information. As a public record, the Form 990 is open to inspection by members of the public.

When Crabtree became chamber director in mid-2015, the organization was several years in arrears on filing the forms. The IRS revoked the chamber’s tax exempt status on Aug. 11, 2014 after the organization failed to file its Form 990 three years in a row beginning with the 2011 Form 990.

Since then the chamber has submitted its 2015 Form 990 and will have the 2016 Form 990 complete by deadline in April.

“She’s done the work and all the filing that’s been required,” said new Board President Bill Matthews.

“Everything is filed,” Crabtree said. “We’re just waiting on them.”

Crabtree began working as a bookkeeper for the chamber in the fall of 2014 and started what she called “damage control,” sorting out its financial information, matching bills to checks and preparing the missing forms.

She said the IRS has accepted all of the 990s, and now the chamber is just waiting for the IRS to reinstate its tax-exempt status.

She continues to refine details for internal reports used by the Board of Directors, she said.

Matthews said he believes the chamber is on track.

“We anticipate there will be no further issues,” he said, and there is no reason for “any issues going forward. We’re a 501(c)6, and that’s how we operate.

“We’re satisfied. We have been for a long time. If more requirements come in, we’ll respond.

“We were fortunate to have Katrina here at that place and time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in as good a shape as we are now.”