Change in election rules could be good


Last week’s editorial (April 29) really points out an area that needs to be addressed by the citizens of Sweet Home.

As I have pointed out in the past, this system of continuing “us four and no more” needs to be revamped and perhaps the idea that is presented in the article should be taken seriously and changes be made so we could be allowed to have some new blood in the system instead of the same old faces for years.

Having lived in this area for many years, it has always been my opinion that unless there are changes in leadership, you will continue to never move forward and make Sweet Home a real liveable comunity.

I also know that it is human nature to take care of your buddy first; but if you look into past history, it sort of looks like some have been elected several times because it’s their turn.

Be as it is, the article needs to be given some very serious thought.

Vernon R. Tunnell Sr.

Sweet Home