Church of Christ to stage Christmas drama

Is Elvis still alive?

The annual Christmas program, “And to All People, Peace,” at the Church of Christ will answer that question – sort of.

The Church of Christ at 18th and Long will present its annual program at 7 p.m. on Friday and 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The program features three skits written by Dianne McIntosh, special music and a performance by violinist Melanie Jones and her daughter, Rebecca Jones, a ballerina.

Special music will include a performance by Frances Wilson. Haylee Bradley and Shena Spears will include the audience as they perform “Emanuel.”

The program will be approximately one hour long.

The first skit, “The Mysterious Mrs. Mallory,” is “about a town much like Sweet Home trying to do an all-town light display,” McIntosh said. “And one woman won’t do it.”

The skit is set in a café where four women speculate about why not. One is tasked with finding out.

The cast includes Barbara Johnston, Julie Dedman, Lynne Wolfe Sheryl Santesson and McIntosh.

The second skit, “A King for Christmas,” is set in a beauty parlor where Bernice arrives excitedly proclaiming that Elvis is alive and planning to perform “Blue Christmas” for Christmas.

Of course, her hairdresser thinks she needs her head examined, but another friend helps put things into perspective.

The cast includes Betty Postma, Darlene Deardorff and Cheryl Hoerntlein.

McIntosh will perform solo in a third skit, “Collecting Ducks,” the tale of Jill Smith alone in her apartment a couple of days before Christmas, struggling with loneliness until she receives a phone call.

For information, call the church at 367-2094.

The program is free. Nursery service is provided. Goodies will be served after each performance. Everyone is welcome.