Citizens already available for patrol


Kim Lawrence proposed a Minuteman type of group to help find illegal aliens, and I wanted to let her know that such a group exists and is doing a great job along the Mexican border.

It is called the Army National Guard, which is closely tied in history to the Minuteman and many states’ emblems or logos depict or are connected to the Minuteman. Currently, ever since last year when President Bush announced a push to send Guard members to assist on borders, there has been a huge ongoing mission with soldiers from many states volunteering to patrol the Southwest border states, help find illegals, and assist in drug smuggling operations, and they are now also accepting help and well-paid jobs.

They do not, however, insert microchips as tracking devices. I believe that would be against the laws governing human rights and our own constitutional freedoms that we enjoy, which also extend to illegals in our custody. So, Kim or anyone else, if you want to help, now is your chance so check it out.

On another note, a few weeks ago the editor had requested suggestions for improvement in Sweet Home. I would like to see a bike path going all the way around Foster Lake (and/or other parts of the city).

I think that would be beautiful and valuable in many ways and also a safer option than using the road along Hwy 20 or the road along the north end of the lake. As a suggestion to the city leadership, in case you weren’t aware, the Oregon National Guard’s 1249th Engineer Unit in Salem has a segment that works with many local communities to do engineering or other construction jobs around the state (to help out communities and also give the soldiers a good mission to perform).

They take on or assist with miscellaneous development projects such as improvements to parks and trails, and developing new sites, etc. I can’t say if they could take on that mission specifically, but they may be able to work on something in our community if contacted with a plan.

Adrianne Shreves

Sweet Home


Oregon Army National Guard