Citizens’ votes make difference


Time to Vote!

Well, the time in getting closer for us to exercise one of the most important privileges we have – voting!

Voting is a freedom that some countries still do not have today, and we should be thankful and appreciate that right in ours – a right and responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.

Voting is a challenge as we as voters must decipher what are the truths, untruths, negative ads, conspiracy theories, social media that tends to be nothing more than a person’s opinion. Then there are the signs in yards and along roadsides. Not sure if the more signs you have or have the largest sign means you are the best pick.

Either way, I can only encourage one to educate themselves the best they can by looking at the candidates, weighing in on qualifications, experience, values/morals and do they have the best interest in all and not just a select few.

Locally, we have City Council positions to fill. The same as above applies when picking your candidate.

Do they best represent you, our community, its residents, do they have vision? Are they running for the right reasons, committed, show up to meetings and participate in the community? Are they knowledgeable, in other words, do they know what is in the City Charter and what the goals are?

If not, they can find it on the city’s website and educate themselves – something that even citizens should know.

In addition, are they honest, positive, respectful and well-spoken? The one thing that I noticed in this year’s candidate information they stated their party affiliation and personal beliefs to one’s rights. I hate to see need to politicize City Council positions, I guess hoping to land more votes, maybe.

Either way, again look at the candidates, educate yourself, and do not settle for anything less and by all means – VOTE!

Bob Dalton

Sweet Home