City Council says saloon should get another chance

Sean C. Morgan

The Sweet Home City Council recommended approval July 12 of a liquor license for the Downtown Saloon, formerly The Last Frontier and The Frontier.

The Downtown Saloon is owned by Luke Victor, brother of Josh Victor who previously managed the bar. The bar, located at 1234 Main St., was licensed to Josh Victor’s wife, Jennifer Victor.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission revoked Jennifer Victor’s license last year and then denied a permit submitted by Josh Victor.

“This business has a long history of OLCC violations,” Police Chief Bob Burford told the council. “Luke Victor states he is leasing the business from his father, Manuel Victor, one of the previous license holders.”

Luke Victor is planning no major changes to the operation, Burford said. “He will be listed as manager; however, since he also holds down another full-time job, he will also be assisted by Ed Jarrell in the management duties.”

Jarrell is a former OLCC employee.

“Based on OLCC’s findings of a history of serious and consistent problems, the Police Department has concerns with yet another family member operating this business,” Burford said. “However, Luke Victor states he will try and address the history of problems and will attempt to change the reputation of the bar. I believe he’s sincere about making changes.

“Thus, the Police Department finds no reason to recommend denial.”

Because other family members have had problems does not mean the new business owner will have the same problems, said Councilor Greg Mahler.

The Police Department’s investigation shows that Luke Victor is qualified, said Councilor Mike Hall.

The council passed the recommendation for approval 6-0.

Present were Mahler, Hall, Jim Gourley, Mayor Craig Fentiman, Marybeth Angulo and Ron Rodgers. Scott McKee Jr. was absent.