City decides to sell newly discovered property

Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

The Sweet Home City Council declared two recently discovered city lots surplus last week.

City officials were unaware that the city owned any residential lots until someone asked to buy one.

“I actually was approached by a developer who had been looking for parcels and properties to develop,” City Manager Craig Martin said. “Every undeveloped property that he saw he made notes and ran county records to find property owners.”

He only found one of the two city lots, Martin said. “And we found the other when we started looking.”

The city owns a number of small parcels, such as the pocket park on the corner of 12th and Nandina streets, Martin said.

When he was approached by the developer, Martin said, he figured that was what the developer was talking about. It turned out the city has a lot on the corner of 12th and Tamarack streets.

When checking into it, Martin discovered another property located on 11th Avenue, just south of Poplar Street.

Apparently, the city was deeded the properties in the 1970s as part of an infrastructure improvement project, Martin said. The city was doing some work on its sewer and water systems in the area.

The council held a public hearing on whether to surplus the properties during its regular meeting on April 25.

The council’s property committee will look at the properties and develop a recommended minimum bid, Martin said. It will get some level of real estate appraisal, based on the local real estate market.

The council will approve the final process and minimum bids at either its May 9 or May 23 meeting, Martin said, and then the city will publish a public notice for sealed bids.

The properties have assessed values of $20,860, for the 12th and Tamarack lot, and $13,550, for the 11th Avenue lot.

City Attorney Robert Snyder told the council he had called a Realtor and learned that the lots were probably worth about $35,000 and $25,000 respectively.

The 12th and Tamarack lot is 18,908 square feet. The 11th Avenue lot is 4,000 square feet. Both are zoned low-density residential.