City leaders need to stop spending


After reading the article in the Democrat Herald, dated Jan. 6, about the Sweet Home new mayor who wants more tax dollars for the new water and treatment plant, this brings out some questions on the city spending.

Sweet Home has higher water and sewer rates than Lebanon and Albany. Sweet Home also has higher property tax rates than Lebanon and Albany. The Sweet Home tax payers have passed every tax levy they were asked to … school, police, library, pool, etc.

Sweet Home taxpayers have given pay increases to all city government employees and paid for all PERS increases while the private sector has fallen back, and these Sweet Home leaders still want more of our tax money.

Then I read in The New Era news (Dec. 26) that SHEDG has been reluctant to publicly discuss the organization’s financial shape. The truth comes out that the Jamboree has been losing thousands of dollars for years.

The city leaders’ answer to fix the money loss is to have more jamboree events, which means spend more money. Maybe The New Era will look into where the millions of dollars was spent on the Sweet Home water and sewer treatment plant.

Our new Sweet Home appointed mayor does not need a new and higher tax method for Sweet Home. These leaders need to stop spending.

Vote “no” to any new tax method these city leaders come up with. Maybe some day Sweet Home taxpayers can elect by votes, not appointed, the same leaders that want more and more of our money.

Don Fowler

Sweet Home