City poised to give streets new names

Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

Some Sweet Home residents will have new addresses if the City Council approves at its next meeting.

The council held the first and second readings of an ordinance to change street names and addresses in certain areas during its regular meeting on July 22. At its next meeting, Aug. 12, it will hold the third reading and vote on the ordinance.

Among the proposed changes are 20th Avenue and Fir Lane south of Grape Street and east of 18th Avenue, which will be renamed Grape Loop.

Hawthorne Way, north off Juniper Street, will be renamed 32nd Court.

An unnamed 40-foot right-of-way west of Clark Mill Road will become Zelkova Street.

Osage Street, which extends off the north end of 47th Avenue to the city limits along Green River Road, will be renamed 47th Avenue.

These changes are part of an ongoing project by Senior Engineering Technician Joe Graybill to make Sweet Home’s street names and addresses consistent with the city’s naming conventions, which require north-south streets to be named with a number and east-west streets to be named for a tree or shrub. Streets inside subdivisions can also bear historical names.

In the long term, certain iconic street names will remain, such as Clark Mill Road or Mountain View Road, Graybill said. He is “just looking for continuity and logic out of it.”

The changes proposed in this ordinance are meant to prevent confusion among emergency responders, especially medics, City Manager Craig Martin said.

Hawthorne Way is a north-south street off Juniper, requiring it to be a numbered street. Fir and 20th off Grape Street are small and access only to Grape Street, causing confusion. Osage Street curves around past the north end of 47th Avenue until it becomes Green River Road before passing through the city limits.

Roads and addresses subject to change are mostly left over from residential areas in the middle and eastern parts of the city, which were built and named while still in Linn County prior to annexation.

Future changes may involve renaming some streets that are broken into sections, such as Fir, Grape, Osage and Nandina, Martin said. They are not addressed in this ordinance but in some locations can cause confusion.

Graybill said he has talked to residents of the affected areas and sent letters to property owners who do not live at affected properties.