City’s levy flyer could be clearer


First of all, I fully support our fine police and library. 

Our mayor was nice enough to point out the other uses of the levies that are supposed to finance those two departments in our city. 

My one question is the large paragraph in the levies request flyer that was sent to all of our citizens in Sweet Home.  It clearly and boldly stated that all monies collected from the levies are to be used only for police and library expenses.

I realize that the city always needs extra money:  salary raises, new cars, etc.

However, we recently had a big raise in water rates. Also, I understand that our city has come in under budget for the last three years and has a surplus to carry the city in case of an economic turndown, which I think we are in now. 

Also, the city has successfully lobbied the state for $9,000,000 for our water treatment plant. Also, the city has received grants for the Sankey park upgrades.

Back to the levies. I’m all for them, but all overages should be returned to the people who have paid into them in good faith.

Furthermore, we should never be compared to Albany, a large city, or Lebanon, twice or three times the size of us.  We are a very small town and one of the poorest in Linn County. An extra $1,000 is a lot to pay for the “average” household.

I apologize for the term “General Fund” that I used, it should have been “General Services,” which really means wherever you need it.   

The city needs to send out a more appropriate levies flyer. 

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home