Civilization, before it fell, looked like us


A great people, along with their glorious culture, perished – Not all at once, not noticeably, but over many years – slowly, methodically.

There were many reasons for the fall of a great people. These are the major reasons:

– Moral decay among the citizens. They just ignored the word and will of God.

– Stifling taxes.

– Too many government employees.

– Abandonment of farms for life in the city.

– Too many handouts that weakened the poor and too many luxuries that weakened the rich.

– Too much leisure time spent at games and amusements.

– A yearly rise in crime.

– A decrease in patriotism.

For these reasons, our historians point out, did Rome decline and finally fall in the fifth century.

Can we learn something from these?

Rev. T.H. Vogel, Pastor

Sweet Home