Clean meat is truly pro-life


Tyson Foods, one of the biggest meat businesses in the world, is joining Bill Gates, Richard Branson (, Cargill, the second-largest beef producer in the world along with many others are investing in Memphis Meats and other cellular and acellular agricultural companies aiming to grow sustainable meat from muscle cells. Clean Meat. 

It’s hormone-, additive-, antibiotic-, E. Coli-, Salmonella-, Campylobacter-, Listeria-, Parasite-, mold-, avian flu-, BSE- and fat-free. 100 percent meat, 0 percent animal… pain and suffering-free. 

Hopefully, if all goes well, by 2025 it will be price-competitive to conventional meat.

So let’s welcome the Clean Meat Industry to Oregon. Make the moo….moot.  Take a bite out of livestock (incl. dairy) and its devastating impact on the environment and psyche (immorality of raising to slaughter 60 billion land animals worldwide annually). Clean meat is pro-life!

Now on to reducing the human population.

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home