Coaches’ vision now paying off


Several years ago Sam Shipp, Rich Dodge and Randy Whitfield had a forward-looking vision. They envisioned a group of very athletic girls, each with a different skill set, playing basketball for the Sweet Home Huskies.

They recruited a group of girls who were at that time in fifth and sixth grades. They patiently practiced with these girls and set up playing time in several tournaments, many times giving up hours on their weekends or evenings just so the girls could come in and use the gym. We thank these coaches for cultivating an environment of learning and fun.

Sam and Rich don’t have children who currently play, but they recognize the special chemistry with this group of girls. They never gave up, nor did they let the girls get discouraged. They worked them hard at practice and play and are now seeing the results.

The weekend of December 15, the Sweet Home Girls traveling basketball team went to Sisters for its first tournament this season. The girls played three games. They won all three games by 10 or more points. The following Monday all the girls wore gold medals to school to signify their success in the tournament.

One of the team requirements is that the girls are actively participating in the school district teams as well, so all the girls are on one of the Sweet Home Junior High School teams. They are currently coached by Blayne Watkins, eighth grade, and Tim O’Donnell, seventh grade.

Congratulations to eighth-graders Brandi Trewin, Megan Roubidoux, Annie Whitfield, Emily Riggs, Sarah Hawkins, Devyn Makin, Kristin Tolle and our newest addition Kelly Pollack. Congratulations also to seventh-graders Sabrina Davis and Megan Graville.

Thank you also to the parents who have also supported this team. Being there through the hard times as well as all the laughs! Keep on going girls. We all think very highly of each and every one of you and know that you will go far in life, as in basketball.

The Hawkins, Trewin, Riggs, Whitfield, Graville, Roubidoux, Tolle, Davis, Makin and Pollack families.

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