Commentary: Amidst Jamboree celebration, election begins (July 27, 2022)

Normally, at this time of year, we’re writing an editorial welcoming visitors to Sweet Home. We’d be writing about how much we appreciate the revenue and the attention that Oregon Jamboree patrons bring to Sweet Home, extolling the benefits of this event that has contributed much to our community.

This year, though, we have something else to think about: a looming gubernatorial election and an opportunity for our readers (and visitors) to check out the three candidates up close.

That’s because the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, of which The New Era is a member, is hosting all three candidates, (alphabetically) Republican Christine Drazan, Independent Betsy Johnson and Democrat Tina Kotek, in the first debate of the election season, which kicks off right now.

This particular election, needless to say, will gauge where Oregonians are at on issues such as the economy, crime, state officials’ management of the COVID pandemic, the environment, management of Oregon’s natural resources, etc., etc.

The debate will take place Friday, July 29, at 2 p.m. in Welches, where ONPA is holding its annual conference.

Here’s why we’re tellling you all this: You can watch it, live right here, by clicking on this link (or typing it in):

No matter which side of the aisle one’s sympathies might lie, this year’s November elections are going to be very influential in determining Oregon’s future.

After 2½ terms in the Governor’s Office, Kate Brown is termed out. The question now is who would best replace her in leading Oregon.

That’s what this campaign is about and we’re happy that your state’s newspapers are able to present this first opportunity to see the candidates face off.

Take a look.