Commissioners vote subject to law


We have had some personal response to the recent action taken by the Planning Commission regarding another marijuana store, and after the newspaper article showing the votes, I feel it is imperative to give some public reply.

The decision by the Planning Commission is a zoning issue, and does not reflect in any way individual commissioners’ personal beliefs or opinions regarding recreational drugs.

We all know and see the negative effects of recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Each vote of the Planning Commission reflected our belief that it complied with current laws, irrespective to our personal beliefs that it is or is not a good thing for our community.

The time to vote for our personal beliefs was when it was on the statewide ballot, and Oregon voted to make it legal.

How I vote in the ballot box is personal, but I will not hesitate to say that I strongly opposed legalizing recreational drugs, and that is how I voted.

The Planning Commission has the responsibility to uphold the law. We were able to do some work in the area of zoning, to prohibit locations near schools, or residential locations, etc.

The Planning Commission’s approval only reflects our opinion that it is in compliance with current laws and zones.

Henry B. Wolthuis

Member, Sweet Home

Planning Commission