Community came through for vets


Once again the community comes through! Recently, the Sweet Home Veteran’s Club and Double “D” Karaoke hosted their second annual karaoke contest.

The main goal of the contest was a membership drive for the Veteran’s Club. Our other goal was to get people together for a great time. Fortunately, both goals were met; we signed up new members and everyone had a great time.

Last year we were amazed at the amount of donations we received. But this year we were completely blown away by everyone’s willingness to help. Not only did we receive cash donations, we also received dinners, luggage, merchandise, gift certificates and so much more. We almost tripled what we received last year. Because of everyone’s generosity we were able to increase our cash prizes considerably.

The first night of the contest, the top 15 were chosen; the second night the top 10 were chosen, and on the final night a winner was chosen. Each contestant had to sing one song, but on the final night the top 10 had to sing two songs.

Kris Ostrom was the first-place winner, Terry Shank was second and Chilly Mancuso was third.

Not only do we want to thank the contestants, we would also like to thank our judges: Gail Gillespie, Dorothy Wells, Dave Holley, Dennis Funk, Tim Rhodes and Randy Claasen. They had an extremely difficult job.

Our heartfelt thanks to our private contributors and the Sweet Home and Lebanon merchants that were so generous. Because of you we were able to help families of veterans and inform veterans of benefits they are entitled to.

With all of the positive feedback we’ve received, we are already planning for next year. The contest is open to the public, so for those of you who love to sing or just want to have a good time, keep us in mind for next summer’s competition.

Allan And Debbie Jewell

and Sweet Home Veterans’s Club