Community help needed for needy


In late 2018, a group of people from different churches, walks of life and ages were concerned about some of Sweet Home’s vulnerable citizens. 

Houseless residents suffer during harsh weather.  So, the group formed SHELTeR – Sweet Home Extreme Low Temperature Refuge.

In less than a week, they gathered supplies, volunteers and a location to open for the season of freezing.

Fir Lawn Lutheran Church offered their building and the emergency warming center opened, only at night when it was 32 degrees or less. The homeless community could get a safe and warm spot to get restorative sleep.

After the first season, it was apparent that building was nice but too far from the center of town and difficult for guests to reach in bad weather.

This year, the Church of the Nazarene went to great effort to offer and prepare their more accessible location.

Unfortunately, limited to five to six guests per night and with COVID concerns, some guests might be turned away once capacity is reached.  We are working to address this potential problem.

Sweet Home has more vulnerable citizens than many of us realize. 

The SHELTeR team, working with SHEM, needs your compassion for our most vulnerable residents in the worst of times. 

You can help with your ideas or by volunteering to work part of a shift. 

You may have leadership skills that could help coordinate this effort or to explore financial avenues to move forward. 

During this warm summer, consider what you might do to to save others from the coming cold.

For more information please call: Pastor Joe Medley at (541) 367- 3642 or (541) 367-3073, or Pastor Bethanie Young at (541) 818-0247.

Pastor Joe Medley