Community offers good activities


There are several good activities in town that are showing up.

n Attending the March 12 City Council meeting and listening to a very well presented program called “RAIN.” A very enthusiastic young man, Corey Wright, explained fully the purpose and plan of the program, which reaches out to small business entrepreneurs with resources and hands on help at no cost to the client.

– “Coffee With a Cop,” which encourages citizens to get to know our local Police Department and ask questions.

– A Chamber of Commerce ‘After Hours’ meeting to encourage networking by local businesses and those wanting to open a business.

– “One Sweet Home’,” which encourages local churches to meet together and pray for the needs of the city.

– A program being instituted to reach out to the homeless and homelessness needs.

Good stuff!!

In response to the young citizen’s letter regarding dogs running loose (Jan. 23). I do not live in an area where I see that.

When driving around I see many walking with their dogs on leashes.

Reading the Public Safety reports in The New Era, there are activities of owners being notified by police of their dogs being loose.

The only true answer to the request made is for citizens to continue contacting the Police Department, as there is a point where fines can be issued and a court hearing required.

Bonnie J. Neal

Sweet Home