Community Pool is an important asset


Our community pool is an important asset to Sweet Home. It

–teaches kids to swim and, thus, keeps them healthy and alive

–serves as a physical education resource for students in our community’s schools

–supports the physically and mentally challenged with special equipment and a

small pool

–provides lifeguarding, teaching and coaching jobs for our teens

–motivates swimmers to join the state-recognized Community and SHHS Swim

Teams which can lead to committed school attendance and college scholarships

–makes it possible for us elders to stay active and healthy with lap swimming and

water aerobics classes

–encourages families and friends to gather for fun recreational activities

–lures folks into town for good food, gas, and shopping as well as a swim

The community pool’s supervisor, Gretchen Daugherty, has proven herself to be an outstanding manager of the pool’s maintenance priorities (after years of deferred upkeep)

and a valuable mentor to her crew of friendly and responsible young assistants. She is a warmly appreciated community resource.

Please vote YES for Sweet Home Community Pool!

Katie Kohl

Sweet Home FireMed District resident