Concert etiquette


Of the 8,000 plus residences in Sweet Home, only approximately 100-plus patrons of the arts were in attendance at the School District Instrumental Concert last Thursday. My writing is not about the attendance, but about those who attended. Your concert etiquette was very sophisticated and those from other communities could take a lesson in proper audience behavior. My hat is off to you.

Well, speaking of hats, if we are to take this up a notch…in art concerts hats for men are not appropriate, and it is appropriate for all to dress nicely out of respect for the music.

If you are judging Sweet Home students by what you see on the streets at lunchtime you are looking at the wrong students. The performers were properly attired and were very well-mannered. You can see these groups of students are part of the cream-of-the-crop.

I can hear the question, art music? Isn’t music all the same? No, it is not. There is a difference in what these students are learning. It is easy to move from art music to rock ‘n’ roll and country than the other way around. Art music involves an intricate structure of harmony and form. Art music, which is both jazz and concert literature, involves a multitude of chords. Country, popular, and rock and roll generally occupies about three to four chords per song, and the form is similar in each composition.

The sophistication of art music is what drives the proper attire. It is traditional to dress as nicely as possible out of respect for the music, not the people. This is a reason we dress differently when attending different types of concerts. One dress code does not fit all situations.

Thanks for listening.

Ken Collins

Sweet Home