Congressman did answer


I was also at Congressman DeFazio’s Town Hall Meeting on Aug. 24, which Marilyn Taggart complained about in last week’s New Era.

I thought the congressman gave a lengthy answer to her questions about immigrants. He has strongly supported and voted for tighter borders with more Border Patrol agents. He did, correctly, go into detail about the difference between illegal and legal immigrants and how employers should have the tools to know the difference.

Almost all of us came from “legal” immigrants over the generations! My mother came through Ellis Island as a child in 1906 from Hungary. My understanding of why the voting booklets have to be also in Spanish is that it is a federal law that it has to be in a minority language if they are over 20 percent of the population! Ms. Taggart said she recently moved from California, so maybe her congressman there does things differently but I think DeFazio having 21 meetings in a two-week period all over southwestern Oregon is pretty good. I thought he answered a lot of questions about a lot of different subjects in the hour allotted.

Obviously, immigration was the most important topic that Ms. Taggart was interested in but there are a lot of other very serious issues these days, such as the war, keeping good jobs in America, our economy, health care, Medicare, fuel costs, etc.; and the Congressman had good ideas about solutions on all of those topics but most of that won’t happen until we get a change in administrations and the party in power in Congress. Hopefully that starts happening this November for the good of all of us!

I believe Congressman DeFazio is one of the best politicians anywhere and I’m really glad he is our Congressman!

Claud Leinbach

Sweet Home