Congressman disappointing


I attended the Town Meeting of Rep. Peter DeFazio on Aug. 24 at our Fire Station.

I wanted to talk about the mass immigration of illegals in California and throughout our country. He didn’t want to discuss this subject.

When asked why our American ballots are in English and Spanish, he replied that it was because of the senior Hispanics that came here a long time ago and live with their American children and never learned to speak English. Is this preposterous or what? He must think we are all really stupid people here. No one refuted him.

He also stated that we wouldn’t have such a problem with illegals if only the businesses that hired illegals were properly monitored and fined. He felt that the Bush Administration was real lax on that, but admitted that the Clinton administration wasn’t much better.

He wanted to talk about the oil companies. He said that they closed down (I believe) 55 refineries when the oil companies merged 10 years ago. Never suggested that they open them back up, only that they should be regulated along with the Insurance Companies which are not regulated, either.

He was for more taxes on incomes over 250K, and less on the middle class.

He would like to see work camps for minimum risk law breakers like druggies. He felt that a year in fresh air and working hard might make them more responsible.

I wanted to ask him why Portland INS didn’t round up the illegals who were in our streets flaunting their Mexican flags during the big march, but didn’t get another opportunity.

He allotted an hour to hear all of our questions and digressed on many of them to avoid a direct answer.

That is my assessment of his hour of power.

Marilyn Taggart

Sweet Home