Congressman thanks voters


I appreciate the strong support given to me by the voters in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District in this year’s election. Thank you! Citizens in Southwest Oregon and across the country sent a strong message on Nov. 7. Americans resoundingly said at the polls they want new leadership and a new direction for America on a host of important issues.

I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish for our district as a minority member of Congress. I am looking forward to the opportunities that serving in the majority and becoming the chairman of a major subcommittee will bring. I will have the chance to set national transportation policy while continuing to vigorously advocate on Oregon’s behalf.

I urge the citizens of this district to stay engaged as we work toward a new direction for America. As always, I welcome your ideas and comments on federal issues, and my staff and I remain ready to serve you if you need help with a federal program or agency. You can contact me at 1-800-944-9603, or e-mail me by going to my Web site at Again, thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve you in the 110th Congress.

 Peter DeFazio

U.S. Representative

4th District of Oregon