Consideration on library computers


I am old and low-tech, so I use the city library computers for my email.

Sometimes a previous user has logged onto gmail or Yahoo and failed to sign out before leaving. The next user, me and others, can’t sign in until the previous user is signed out. I can’t figure out how to sign out someone else from gmail (neither can the librarians) so we have to turn off the computer and reboot… a real nuisance.

Please, folks, sign out before you leave. Just logging off or letting the time run out does not sign you out!

I can open your email and read it, but I don’t want yours, I want mine. Find that little down-pointed black triangle in the top right corner of the white screen, click on it, and sign out. That’s the part that is not accessible to me after you leave.

By the way, when you sign in, below the password box is a small box that is checked for “Keep me signed in.”

Please uncheck it. That might help!

Thanks lots,

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home