Constitution is basis for freedom


I would like to respond to Diane Daiute’s comments (Jan. 23) about the Constitution, and it being outdated.

A constitution is a system of fundamental principles or rules according to which a nation, state or group is governed.

The United States’ Constitution was written in 1787.

Adherence to these principles – this is a citizen’s constitutional rights for every American – the good, the bad – works very well.

To do away with the Constitution would change the United States, too horrific to talk about.

We were taught the rules of this nation in school – we, as Americans, immigrants embraced it. We live by it.

To do away with the Constitution, is to bring death, disaster, tyranny to our shores. Our Constitution, makes every American strong, as a body.

When people are threatened, we Americans must act in accordance with the rights established in the Constitution to defend ourselves.

Without the laws established in the Constitution, this country, as we know it, will cease to exist.

This Constitution is the life blood of every American, hostile or friendly – it works.

Steve Jones