Contractor hired for Sunnyside project

A Lebanon contractor has been hired to build and install a protective frame for information signs at Sunnyside Park.

The signs have been designed to tell the story of the revival the Willamette Valley Ponderosa pine.

The Linn County Small Woodlands Association and Linn County Parks have signed an agreement allowing the signs and a grove of Ponderosa pines at the park.

The pines were planted in early March.

LCSWA directors voted Sept. 2 to hire William Pavlisick for the sign work. Construction is expected to occur in September. Pavlisick has experience building similar structures for government agencies.

Value of the contract is $3,250. Funds for the construction are from the organization’s Robert H. Mealey endowment.

Mealey was a member of a pioneer Sweet Home family. A career forester, he is responsible for reintroduction of the Willamette Valley pine in the valley during his retirement years.