Correction: Palin not first woman VP candidate


I read your editorial in the Sept. 3 edition and although I often agree with your positions, you should have done a little more homework before you wrote that piece.

I predicted Sarah Palin as the pick back in July. She was one of many suggestions for McCain’s VP spot. My son even called me when it was announced and said “I hate to admit that you were right, but you were right.”

I love those calls from my son. She was certainly not an “unknown” to those who were watching the process.

The investigation into “Troopergate” as it is called is not being prosecuted by a “Republican controlled state legislature.” Alaska’s Senate is controlled by Democrats and the House is controlled by Republicans.

The Legislative Council, a 12-member bi-partisan council, is chaired by Democratic Senator Hollis French who is, incidentally, the Senate Majority Leader. The Legislative Council is the investigative body which is pursuing this issue.

Moreover, French has the unilateral authority to contract with a Special Investigator of his choosing. Chances are it won’t be a Palin fan – chances are good it will be a crony of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, whom she fired. Citizens familiar with the situation are telling the Council to “bring it on.”

It’s also rather misleading to infer that Palin’s daughter being pregnant is “recent news.” It’s been common knowledge in Alaska for months – long before Palin’s VP selection. It appears to me it’s just a case of mud-slinging for the old media to treat it as a shocking revelation.

It was rare that those same reports included the fact that the young couple already had plans to marry and the father even attended the RNC convention with the family. That doesn’t sound nearly so earth-shattering when you put the story in perspective.

I also have to take issue with you with your assertion that Palin has less experience than Obama. Google Obama’s eight-year legislative record in Illinois and you will find…..nothing. It’s nearly as if he didn’t exist as a state senator.

A couple of sites even conclude there’s so little information that it’s as if it’s been purposely hidden. You have a sitting U.S. Senator who was sworn in in January 2005; who for all practical purposes has been absent for the last 20 months from his post while campaigning.

So what experience does he have serving in the Senate – 18 maybe 20 months? And what executive experience does this tenure contain?

Palin has been in elected positions since 1992. City Council, a two-term mayor of “small” Wasilla, Alaska, which has a retail trade of over $600 million annually – nearly 10 times that of Sweet Home.

She left mayoral office due to a two-term limit. She was appointed chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission as well as chairman of its Ethics Panel by then Gov. Murkowski.

The Commission controls over 25 percent of all the U.S. petroleum production. She’s been a sitting governor of the largest state in the union since December 2006. Four executive positions over 16 years compared to Obama’s none.

A 16-year history of storied, hard-fought accomplishments for her constituents; lowering taxes, improving services, reducing governmental waste and pork.

Unfortunately, Palin isn’t running against Obama. She has a record of actual accomplishment as a true public servant that no one else on either ticket can rival.

As I’m sure you have heard by now, Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman vice-presidential candidate, running with Walter Mondale in the 1984 election. They were defeated by Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

Rich Black

Sweet Home