Costs don’t make sense


What am I missing here? First, I receive a police report from a citizen who once again had problems with a councilman’s dog running loose. And this police report states that the officer helped this man search for his dog. So we passed the police levy so that the police can help a councilman rather than help citizens who have complained about two specific areas where speeders get away with abusing the law.

This councilman was once again found guilty at a hearing in court this week. If you really want something to laugh at, contact the police and ask for Incident Report # 20067607.

Then I get the newspaper on Wednesday and read about the city planning more improvements. And the best part, the city hires a “Code Enforcer,” and what is he doing? Spending his time along with another city employee searching out historical information for Sankey Park. This is where my tax money to the city goes.

In this article, it says they are going to be rejuvenating the entire park. So what’s another $ 6,889 for repairs? And spend $4,400 to put up iron gates on the Weddle Bridge to keep out people who are tearing it up. Another $795 to put up a gate on Dahlenburg Bridge. And putting up a $1,500 audible camera to catch those foul-mouthed kids at the skate park.

For a town who constantly tells the citizens who ask for help that “We don’t have the funds or police help when needed,” one to has to wonder how funds have become available for the above-named projects, just to name a few.

So someone please explain to me why we pay a Code Enforcer to do research on a park rather than do what his title states, “enforce the laws.” And make such a big deal about passing the Police levy so we can have our already short-handed, under-budgeted and over-worked police out searching for a councilman’s dog that has once again broken the law?

When does it stop? It appears our tax money just goes to government that feels they have access to blank checks. Why don’t I move? Perhaps it is because every town is the same. Why do I complain? Because I know I am not alone and nothing seems to change. But I will not give up. I am just asking for help from the other outraged taxpayers of this city that is ran by who you are or who you know. And that titles of employees are just a joke.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home