Council gives good marks to city manager

Sean C. Morgan

City Manager Craig Martin

got high marks from the City

Council in his annual evaluation

on July 24.

The council met with Martin

in an executive session to review

his performance prior to the

regular council meeting.

Councilors rated Martin, who

has been city manager since 1997,

“good” to “excellent” in eight

categories, said Mayor Craig

Fentiman. Martin’s strengths

have always been communication

skills with the council and the


“He’s been pleasingly

progressive in his continued

self-development,” Fentiman

said. “It’s amazing how he can

take things said in these sessions

to heart and then he goes and


One councilor commented

that there is always room for

improvement, Fentiman said,

but that councilor didn’t really

identify any particular areas where

Martin needed to improve.

The council discussed the

need to lobby other government

agencies on behalf of Sweet

Home, Fentiman said, but that’s

something everyone needs to

work on.

“The whole council could do

a better job,” Fentiman said. “I

could do a lot better on that.”

The council and Martin have

not discussed a raise yet, Fentiman

said. He expects it to come up in

a future council meeting.

“It was an excellent session,”

Fentiman said. There were

suggestions, but not too many.

Present at the meeting were

Marybeth Angulo, Fentiman, Jim

Gourley, Mike Hall and Greg

Mahler. Ron Rodgers and Scott

McKee Jr. were absent.

In other business, the


■ Reappointed Sharon

Akerfields to a four-year term on

the Library Board. Her new term

expires on June 30, 2016. She

has been a member of the Library

Board since July 10, 2007 and

was a library volunteer for


years prior to her appointment.