Council, manager doing their jobs?

Regarding Sweet Home City Council’s shortfalls:

Hmmm, sounds like a great way to cut spending. Let’s see: The Public Library right now opens at 10 a.m. and is closed on Wednesdays. How much more is the council going to take away from the residents of Sweet Home?

You already have to wait until midmorning to go to the library; real good for families that homeschool and families that just enjoy using the library.

Better yet, let’s cut the Police Department. You councilmen/woman are a joke! Let’s have more crime, let’s look in the paper and see how many children the police are having to deal with since parents don’t/won’t and all the other crime issues.

Has anyone thought maybe children have too much time on their hands since there isn’t much for these children to do in Sweet Home?

Here’s a great idea! Do councilmen/woman/mayor get paid? If they do, let’s put a stop to it. This is not your job it is (or should be) a voluntary elected position, just like the School Board, something you wanted to do so get off your hineys and do something.

Next, why do we need a city manager? Just so we can watch Mr. Martin do his gardening down Main Street? That really looks like he is bringing new businesses into Sweet Home?

One question that comes to mind: Is Mr. Martin on the clock while doing his “gardening?” Maybe the position of city manager, should be moved to a part-time position, times a week.

When was the last time “he” brought in a new business? (Not talking about citizens coming into Sweet Home themselves wanting to start a business.) You guys make it hard for people to start up businesses in the first place. I’m tired of hearing “Sweet Home is at the end of the food chain, businesses don’t want to come here because there isn’t anything in Sweet Home.”

By the way, did city employees, including Mr. Martin, get a pay raise this past year? If so, maybe the council should have to go to the residents of Sweet Home to see whether you get pay raises or not. If you did, maybe you should give it back since it looks like you don’t want to negotiate in good faith with the Police Department.

Why not cut a few City positions? Also, maybe the monies the city put aside for a new building should go towards the library, the Police Department or even the pool.

Is the City Hall building falling down? If that is the issue, why not consider purchasing the old forestry building at 3225 Santiam Hwy. that is sitting vacant?

Furthermore, another possibility in cutting funds is monitoring the use of city vehicles, making sure these vehicles are being used strictly for city business.

What we need is a city that cares about the children and families of Sweet Home, that provides activities and safety for them, not take away from them.

We must ask ourselves: Do we want to chase away the young people and families or do we need to balance cuts that are being made across the board?

People must either accept higher cost for services, even if those costs come from one’s own pocket and not the pockets of others, or they must decide to go without those services.

This country has become too dependent on the “me too” attitude, “someone else will pick up the tab.”

The tab for overspending and foolish spending is due, and someone is going to have to pay and/or start the drastic cutbacks. Is this community going to be an enhanced retirement community with services aimed at the few or is this community going to be one for everyone to work and get along?

Also, in regards to the Sweet Home Cemetery ballot, why should we have to be supporting it through our taxes? I do not plan on being buried at Sweet Home’s Cemetery; my family has purchased our plots elsewhere and has perpetual care.

Is it not the fault of the cemetery for poor planning that they cannot provide for the future care of the cemetery, perhaps raise the rates or get people who have families there to volunteer to maintain the property?

Melanie Fassler

Sweet Home