Council observer offers ballot picks


With the elections fast approaching I wanted to offer mty thanks to all those who chose to run for the Sweet Home City Council and to share my thoughts on my choices and why I believe they would serve the city and its citizens well.

Marybeth Angulo has shown in her two years on the council that she isn’t afraid to get involved in a tough issue, study the issues and then stand her ground – even if it’s a minority position on the council.

Jim Gourley has served on the council for a number of years and has been diligent in his approach to problems. Normally, it’s my belief that a turnover on the council every few years is a good thing, but I somehow feel that this is Jim’s swan song and if he thinks he wants one more term, I would support that.

Ron Rodgers is a very thoughtful councilor who normally does not offer an opinion until he has analyzed it very well. I actually think that ron would be a good mayoral candidate but the one problem I have with Ron is that his job sometimes causes him to miss quite a few meetings. I think he needs to make a concerted effort to be there more but other than that Ron is a very effective councilor.

Dave Trask would be a newcomer to the council. He has served the city well for many years as a volunteer firefighter and has served on the Budget Committee on two different occasions. Dave’s critics would say that his head-on approach to problem saolving and his sometimes brash manner would be a downside to consider, but I can guarantee you that he will not be a rubber stamp for anyone.

It is my belief that the indivdiuals listed above would serve the citizens of Sweet Home well. My comments are based on observations during council meetings and actual working with each of them on different committees during the past several years.

In any event, please remember to vote and my thanks again to all who chose to run.

Dave Holley

Sweet Home