Couple of parade disappointments


First of all I would like to start out by congratulating the fire department for a phenomenal firework display. It was one of the best I have seen, including the Fourth of July show on the coast we saw while camping this year.

Second, my family and I enjoy the Sportsman’s Holiday parades and festivities every year and really look forward to them. I think this year’s parade outdid the last couple of years in length and content except for a couple of entries.

The SHHS dance team was on a float. When asked why they weren’t dancing, they answered that it was too hot. But just a couple of entries behind them were the Sweet Home Squarenaders dancing and I know they were older than the dance team but seemed to handle the heat well.

In years past the dance team has done some sort of routine through the parade. It was usually a simple routine but enjoyable. If the dance team doesn’t want to dance that’s fine but I would think they could show some enthusiasm in their hometown parade instead of texting on their phones during the parade.

I observed three members on their phones as they passed by and I think that is totally uncalled for. I think cell phones could be put away for 45 minutes to an hour for the parade.

The other entry that disappointed me was the Sportsman’s Holiday Court.

Had I not seen their pictures in the paper and knew what kind of dresses they were wearing and knowing the gazebo from previous years, I wouldn’t have known who they were. There was no banner on the truck identifying the court, no name tags on the float identifying the princesses and queen.

There were very few decorations on the float and, quite frankly, what decorations there were seemed tacky for a court’s hometown parade.

The Lebanon Strawberry Festival Court outdid our court by a mile. The kids standing with us were so excited because they had a castle on their float. The float was beautifully decorated, each girl had a name banner identifying them and they looked like royalty.

And then to read in The New Era that the dance team and court took first place in their division is mind-boggling.

I love watching the dance team and look forward to seeing who is on the court each year but I was just disappointed in the presentation by both in the parade this year.

Theresa Hall

Sweet Home