COVID numbers don’t add up to rules


Regarding Kelly Kenoyer’s opinion piece, published in the Dec. 16 edition: We understand the strain that everyone is under due to the current situation, but we personally are having a hard time understanding why we are here.

As we write this, the COVID-19 has claimed 1,304 Oregon lives out of 4.28 million residents. That does not equate to one in 1,000 dying, no matter what calculator you use.

As of Dec. 18, they have tested 2,392,813 with 140,155 positive cases reported in Oregon, out of which 1,304 are defined as “presumed” deaths due to COVID-19. In that 1,304 deaths, some have died in hospitals, but many have died in their own homes with underlying conditions. This is not our opinion; it is information taken from Oregon Health Authority’s website and the CED (

Now let us take into consideration some other deaths that have taken place in Oregon.

As of October 2020, in Oregon 29,556 people have died from natural causes. Twenty-five thousand have died from heart disease alone. Should Gov. Brown mandate that Oregon become a vegetarian state and residents eat only leafy greens to ensure heart health?

According to CDC, 1.816 have died from unintended accidents such as boating, vehicle, recreational accidents. Do you think the governor should mandate that recreational activities and driving cars be banned, due to the risk of death?

In Oregon, one in three adults have diabetes, with 6,000 people receiving dialysis as a life-supporting treatment ( Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of Oregonians to have Gov. Brown ban sugars and b-products because of their links to kidney disease?

We also do not understand why media and medical professionals aren’t rejoicing in the fact that in 140,155 positive cases, there are only 1,304 deaths. Those 1,304 deaths accrued over nine months – not one day, not two weeks, but nine months. The number of cases in comparison to deaths is wonderful news. People are surviving and recovering completely.

Do you really believe that staying home and not having Christmas dinner with the family is the key? Do you honestly believe this will just go away if we are obedient and do what is preached by our government, the very same government who have been caught not following their own protocol?

And please explain why it is not considered selfish to shop at Costco, Walmart or Target, where hundreds of people touch and handle hundreds of items that are not sanitized, while restaurants that practice Oregon sanitation rules are not allowed to have inside dining, with no more than six people to a table.

According to the Oregon constitution Article X-A, “catastrophic disasters” means a natural or human-caused event that: results in extraordinary levels of death, injury, property damage or disruption of daily life in this state.

It nowhere states that the governor has the authority to mandate which businesses are “essential” and which ones are not. Nor can she dictate how many members in a family can gather together.

The human body is a wonderful thing. It has shown us we will survive this. We already know that, according to the Oregon Health Authority, 99.9 percent of the people who contract COVID-19 fully recover.

In conclusion, the ads we ran in the Dec. 16 edition were meant to inform and perhaps encourage others to look up the information for themselves. It is available online to anyone. It is our hope that Oregonians will stop thinking of the increasing positive test counts as being a death sentence, but something that is encouraging because of the high recovery rate.

Again, 1,304 COVID-19 deaths in nine months – not one day, or two weeks – nine months out of 4.28 million people, is very good news.

Debbie Woody

Linda Cutright

Sweet Home