COVID presents genuine perils


Kudos to Ms. Kenoyer for her very timely op-ed piece on the serious perils that COVID presents us with.

I, too, have seen news footage of people suffering from this horrible disease, and hence, choose to follow best scientific guidance to protect others and myself. I was so relieved when my local grocery stores began requiring masks.

There will always be differences of opinion on any topic. Some people believe that it was a good idea to have a reality star president of the country and we now know he was the worst President in our nation’s history.

Others believe that the voting machines changed votes from one candidate to another.

The current president thinks it would be a good idea to impose martial law to overturn the results in states he lost. Oregon voted for Biden, so hoping Army tanks aren’t rolling through Sweet Home.

There are bright spots ahead in the vaccine and a change of leadership, so I wish all, (even the anti-maskers) a brighter 2021.

Dr. Fauci has assured the CDC that Santa has already been vaccinated.

Larry Willett

Sweet Home