COVID requires united efforts


COVID-19. When does the responsibility begin?

This is a question I have been struggling with for some time regarding dealing with the coronavirus. I know what is expected of me – social distancing, being respectful of others and wearing a mask. But why are there individuals and businesses that continue to push the boundaries and resist following those simple guidelines at a time when virus numbers are on the rise?

Is it that they feel it is their individual freedom of choice, think the virus is a hoax or will just go away in time? Why is it so easier to mock the guidelines versus just following them, when they are the easiest thing we can do as individuals to minimize the risk to ourselves, our families and others?

With over 214,000 deaths and counting, the numbers speak for themselves. We cannot afford to play the game any longer with this virus. If you are not going to do it for yourself at least do it for all the families and children that are at home, trying to work towards their child’s education.

Do it to get our children back in school.

This has been one of the most challenging years for our community. For me, personally, it was difficult as chair of the Health Fair to cancel it, but knowing it was the right thing to do to protect the health of our residents.

To the Chamber of Commerce, Oregon Jamboree, churches and others that have canceled events, I thank you for having the courage to do what is right. I can only hope others will have that same courage going forward.

If that responsibility is taken, just maybe we will get back to some sense of normality sooner than later and prevent a few others from getting sick or possibly dying.

Bob Dalton

Sweet Home