COVID tactics prompt concerns


For Thanksgiving Day this year Kate Brown asked Oregon citizens to call the police on neighbors who may have more people in their home than the number allowed in her most recent lock-down restrictions.

Her actions are part of the current beast system use of COVID in their nationally coordinated Individual Compliance campaign through these state actions against the individual citizens of the USA: 

– Isolation (deprive citizens of social support), monopolization of perception (dominate all media 24/7);

– Induced debility and exhaustion (worn out by tension & fear);

– Threats (threaten to close businesses, levy fines and jail time);

– Occasional indulgences (follow concessions with tougher rules);

– Demonstration of omnipotence (shut down entire economies around the world); and

– Enforcement of trivial commands (family members must stand apart, random limits on group sizes).

So it’s time to toss the U.S. Constitution into the dustbin of history in order to save lives?

Actually, NOT. This is all being done (globally) to develop deep-seated habits of compliance.

What do you say about it?

Peter Ready