Craftsman’s wood depiction of city logo draws raves

Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

A new city wooden seal, depicting the city logo, hangs behind the dais in the Sweet Home City Council Chamber thanks to woodworker Ben Dahlenburg.

The City Council recognized Dahlenburg recently for the donation of his time and effort.

About a year and a half ago, City Manager Craig Martin said, local resident Corky Lowen was talking about the city’s centennial and mentioned some cloth seals she had.

A minute later, Dahlenburg dropped in and offered to make a wooden version for the city.

Martin commissioned Dahlenburg to create the piece.

Viewing the result, “I consider him a wood artisan,” Martin said of Dahlenburg, who donated the whole piece.

The city had to buy one small piece of wood, Martin said, along with the lettering that says, “Oregon at its Best” along with the city’s incorporation date and the “City of Sweet Home.”

Dahlenburg had trouble finding blue pine for the sky locally, so he had to order it, he said.

“It kind of stared me in the face for a long time,” Dahlenburg said of the project.

Within the seal, the trees are made from gum, he said. The mountains are different shades of cedar. The outside trim is oak.

“It looks nice with the lettering,” he told the council. “That’s the first time I’ve seen it (complete with the lettering).”