Criticism of sheriff unwarranted


In response to the letter written by Diane Daiute (Jan. 23): How dare you! How dare you criticize Sheriff Tim Mueller, a brave and loyal servant of the people! How dare you criticize a man who is willing to stand up for your rights! Rights that you are evidently unaware of!

I myself am very proud of our sheriff and of his bravery for drawing a line in the sand and standing up to protect the liberties of his fellow citizens.

I want you to know there are thousands of citizens in Linn County that understand our rights and that we are ready, willing, and able to stand alongside our sheriff to protect your rights.

I’m sure you’ll be standing behind us (a long way behind us) loading up your 12 gauge ink pen ready to fire off a letter to the editor, crying for help! I only hope that by that time we would still have a first amendment so someone can read your letter!

The Second Amendment is as valid today as it was in 1776. The First Amendment allows you to write your letters and voice your opinions. If you do away with the Second Amendment, you will lose the First and all other rights. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If you don’t have copies of these, I’m sure we can provide them to you.

Our founding fathers were very smart men!

Chuck Fitzsimons

Sweet Hom