Crusader ‘jihadists’ had their reasons


Much has been made recently by the president about the Christian Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Let it be clearly understood the Inquisition was just as much a Christian jihad, created by Christian terrorists, as is the current Muslim jihad created by Muslim terrorists!

The Christian Crusaders were European knights who, most likely, had fought previously in Europe where they utilized none of the terrorist tactics that they were accused of when fighting the Islamic terrorists in the Holy Land. Contrarily the jihadists, from the inception of the Muslim religion, have always used to the utmost degree any form of torture and mayhem they could think up.

I believe that the Crusaders were only reacting to the jihadists and “fighting fire with fire.” Successfully, I might add.

The only bright light I can see is that the president is a relatively young man in excellent health who should live a long life. This will give him the opportunity to see the evil, unrest and destruction his policies have brought on the whole world and how he will become hated and reviled.

It is already happening. I would advise Republicans to continue to stand strong and Democrats, if they wish to continue in politics, to carefully consider their action and who they side with in the next couple of years.

William C. Curtis

Sweet Home