Culture makes fine year-end donation


Those who donate to good causes at the end of each year should keep the Oregon Cultural Trust in mind. This program, the only one of its kind in the country, lets you double the impact of your donation at no extra cost.

Here’s how the Cultural Trust works: Donate to one or more of your favorite organizations among 1,500 qualified cultural nonprofits. Donate the same amount to the Cultural Trust. Then take the same amount off your state taxes.

Your donation to the Cultural Trust comes back to you as a tax credit. Individuals can get a tax credit up to $500, couples up to $1,000, and Class C corporations up to $2,500.

The money citizens give to the Cultural Trust is dispersed across Oregon to keep cultural organizations thriving throughout the state. Through the generosity of Oregonians who have invested with our cultural tax credit, nonprofits that support the arts, heritage, and the humanities received more than $2.7 million in funding from the Oregon Cultural Trust this year.

Included among the organizations supported by the Cultural Trust are 28 Linn County nonprofits, representing libraries, museums, arts organizations, and community foundations. Is your favorite cultural nonprofit included? Visit the website at to find out. (If your organization isn’t listed, ask the board to contact the Oregon Cultural Trust.)

A portion of Cultural Trust funds are distributed locally by Cultural Coalitions, one for each county and federally recognized tribe in Oregon.

This year, the Linn County Cultural Coalition received $18,143 in funds for this purpose. Every Linn County 501(c)(3) organization with a project involving the arts, heritage, or humanities is welcome to apply to the Linn County Cultural Coalition for funding.

Expect a call for proposals to be issued soon, in this newspaper and at

Linda Ziedrich

Linn County Cultural Coalition