Decision to dole out charity wrong

Interesting read about the vote of the city of Sweet Home’s budget committee. You should have listened to our wise Mayor Craig Fentiman.

It is difficult to say no to great non-profits who need the city’s help. But remember this: I served on the Budget Committee for many years. I also give yearly to most of these non-profits who need help.

As a taxpayer, I figured when I paid my taxes, the city would use this money to do their job of fixing streets, giving us a Police Department, water in our pipes etc.

As I have learned from my friend Alice Grovom, it is privilege to live in this country and have freedom and we all should willingly pay taxes.

I also learned from wise Ed Cutler, about 40 years ago, that when city money is spent for charity, it makes those who help those same charities pay double.

Dave Holley, I have great respect for you also. You were a good mayor. But Dave and the Budget Committee made a mistake, in my opinion.

Mona Waibel

Sweet Home